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Poké Arts

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Is this Community still alive? [Apr. 28th, 2016|11:51 am]
Poké Arts


There doesn't seem to be any posts after 2015.

I was curious about joining...

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Commission: Will draw for education... [Jul. 17th, 2015|12:02 pm]
Poké Arts

Hi, I am looking to make some art to pay for my university tuition and residence.

Dragons are what I draw best, but not anthropomorphic variations. 8.5"x11" pieces usually take me anywhere from a day to a week (with hours spread) to complete. 11"x16" paintings typically range from a week to a month depending on difficulty. I use greyscale graphite pencils, colour pencil, outlining/inking ointment pen and depending on larger paper/canvas, gouche/acrylic paint. The messaging function of this website will be my method of constant feedback for the process of the making. I ship from Canada Ontario. I takes 1-3 days for me to make a shipment after the piece is completed.

Requesting Rules are:
-Payment by paypal only
-currency used can be either USD or JPY
-payment is due within 3 days
-I am not liable for any lost or damaged mail should you choose not to insure it.
-I have the right to reject any request which I feel (a) unable to reflect my usual quality and expectations for a piece (b) uncomfortable and potential damaging to my personal interests

Commission cost is determined by difficulty of piece. Prices as listed in USD
For 8.5"x11": Colorless outlines starting price is $5
Partially sketched starting price is $5
Fully sketched starting price is $8
Partially coloured starting price is $8
Fully coloured starting price is $12
For 11"x16" Canvas paintings: partially painted starting price is $15
Fully painted starting price is $25

Fees breakdown:
commission fee
material consumption fee ($5 flat)
paypal fee
shipping fee

Here are some of the examples of what I have made over the span of several years. Not all are pokemon-related.
pictureCollapse )
Thanks for looking.
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First Post! Custom phone cases ahoy! [Jun. 13th, 2015|07:39 pm]
Poké Arts

Wow I didn't even know I had joined this community until now! Welp, no better time to make a first post, right? Right!

I discovered a little while ago that I can paint phone cases at work using custom-made automotive paint, so the next logical step for me was to Pokemon-ify some cases. I've had great success with the trial cases and since then have made a bunch more.

Here's a quick preview of one of my latest works, with the rest I've made under the cut!

Ring RingCollapse )

That's it for me! Hope you enjoyed things.:)
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Let's remove the spiderwebs [Jun. 13th, 2015|11:34 am]
Poké Arts

[Tags|, ]

My my this place needs some undusting and new activity asap!

I'll try to post more drawings more often (especially now that the school year is coming to a close!) so meanwhile I'll see into posting drawings from last year I never got around posting anywhere. Both of them were commissioned and were a lot of fun to work on c:

Until next time!
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Greetings... [Apr. 24th, 2015|01:04 am]
Poké Arts


Hello everyone... my name is Derek, and I was referred here from Pkmncollectors. I don't see any rules on this cmty., so I apologize if I'm breaking any by doing this... but I am currently developing an iOS app that relates to Pokemon, and I am in need of a graphic artist/designer, preferably with experience in producing arts/graphics for mobile apps (but not a hard requirement). I am offering compensation.

If you have any interest in doing this, please feel free to PM me here on LJ or email me at dscressler1989@gmail.com for more details!

Thank you!!!
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Introduction and custom icons [Jan. 2nd, 2015|02:57 am]
Poké Arts

[Tags|, , , , ]

Hey, I'm deathstar and I love drawing which is obviously why I'm here! I haven't drawn too many pokemon things but I think they are super fun to draw! Here's an example but it's like super old:
ellieluxraychibi copy cropped

I'm looking forward to drawing more pokemon pictures though!

Oh I also made this icon:
If you want one, ask me! Here are my guidlines though:
-they will be fairly simple animations!
-I can draw OC characters and such but if their designs are too complicated I won't do them (like rainbow gradient color and stuff)
-They will be $3 flat colored (like above) or $6 shaded (simple cell shading)
-specifify clearly if you want something specific like animation, pose, bg, etc
-Pay by Paypal
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Enter classypersian.... Again!! [May. 25th, 2014|10:36 pm]
Poké Arts

Hello!! I'm sure most of you know me from pkmncollectors! ^^ I love to draw so I may post here and there! Today I have this awesome art piece drawn by yours truly and colored by the talented fluna_daiyunel!

The sketch I drew:


And the finished product:

I think the two of us make one hell of a team ^.^
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Hi all :3 [Mar. 21st, 2014|10:14 pm]
Poké Arts

Hi there guys! I only just joined so this is my first post! :D hurrah!

So today I feel like drawing some pokemon fan art but...I don't know what to draw! D:

You can see more of my art here
So I was thinking that if people wanted some free requests(Digitally drawn, not on paper) I'd be happy to do some! :D I'll definitely do the first 5-10 posted requests and I may even do more than that so if you want something drawn just post.
Please don't be greedy and ask for more than 2 things though ;w; 1 thing each would be awesome but I don't mind doing 2.
If you want anything specific about your drawing(With/without background, shaded/unshaded ect.) make sure you post that too

And sorry but..is there community rules here? I couldn't seem to find any so I don't know if they exist D:

Thanks guys! :D
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#6o7 Litwick [Feb. 17th, 2014|07:05 pm]
Poké Arts

[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Japan, Tokyo]
[Current Music |CocoRosie ]

This is my first post. (*'w`*)
I drew a little sketch of Litwick the other day, and thought I'd share.


Thank you for looking. (^u^)
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.:doodle time:. [Feb. 13th, 2014|10:48 pm]
Poké Arts

((I accidentally deleted this post, so I repost~ (^-^))

I had some free time at work and had my sketchook handy~ I took a picture with my phone after I cleaned it up at home, so sorry for the poor quality ^^;

It doesn't look as well as what I normally draw since I'm mainly a digital artist, but I still like to doodle all traditional style :'D

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