Commission: Will draw for education...

Hi, I am looking to make some art to pay for my university tuition and residence.

Dragons are what I draw best, but not anthropomorphic variations. 8.5"x11" pieces usually take me anywhere from a day to a week (with hours spread) to complete. 11"x16" paintings typically range from a week to a month depending on difficulty. I use greyscale graphite pencils, colour pencil, outlining/inking ointment pen and depending on larger paper/canvas, gouche/acrylic paint. The messaging function of this website will be my method of constant feedback for the process of the making. I ship from Canada Ontario. I takes 1-3 days for me to make a shipment after the piece is completed.

Requesting Rules are:
-Payment by paypal only
-currency used can be either USD or JPY
-payment is due within 3 days
-I am not liable for any lost or damaged mail should you choose not to insure it.
-I have the right to reject any request which I feel (a) unable to reflect my usual quality and expectations for a piece (b) uncomfortable and potential damaging to my personal interests

Commission cost is determined by difficulty of piece. Prices as listed in USD
For 8.5"x11": Colorless outlines starting price is $5
Partially sketched starting price is $5
Fully sketched starting price is $8
Partially coloured starting price is $8
Fully coloured starting price is $12
For 11"x16" Canvas paintings: partially painted starting price is $15
Fully painted starting price is $25

Fees breakdown:
commission fee
material consumption fee ($5 flat)
paypal fee
shipping fee

Here are some of the examples of what I have made over the span of several years. Not all are pokemon-related.
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Thanks for looking.

First Post! Custom phone cases ahoy!

Wow I didn't even know I had joined this community until now! Welp, no better time to make a first post, right? Right!

I discovered a little while ago that I can paint phone cases at work using custom-made automotive paint, so the next logical step for me was to Pokemon-ify some cases. I've had great success with the trial cases and since then have made a bunch more.

Here's a quick preview of one of my latest works, with the rest I've made under the cut!

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That's it for me! Hope you enjoyed things.:)

Let's remove the spiderwebs

My my this place needs some undusting and new activity asap!

I'll try to post more drawings more often (especially now that the school year is coming to a close!) so meanwhile I'll see into posting drawings from last year I never got around posting anywhere. Both of them were commissioned and were a lot of fun to work on c:

Until next time!


Hello everyone... my name is Derek, and I was referred here from Pkmncollectors. I don't see any rules on this cmty., so I apologize if I'm breaking any by doing this... but I am currently developing an iOS app that relates to Pokemon, and I am in need of a graphic artist/designer, preferably with experience in producing arts/graphics for mobile apps (but not a hard requirement). I am offering compensation.

If you have any interest in doing this, please feel free to PM me here on LJ or email me at for more details!

Thank you!!!

Introduction and custom icons

Hey, I'm deathstar and I love drawing which is obviously why I'm here! I haven't drawn too many pokemon things but I think they are super fun to draw! Here's an example but it's like super old:
ellieluxraychibi copy cropped

I'm looking forward to drawing more pokemon pictures though!

Oh I also made this icon:
If you want one, ask me! Here are my guidlines though:
-they will be fairly simple animations!
-I can draw OC characters and such but if their designs are too complicated I won't do them (like rainbow gradient color and stuff)
-They will be $3 flat colored (like above) or $6 shaded (simple cell shading)
-specifify clearly if you want something specific like animation, pose, bg, etc
-Pay by Paypal

Hi all :3

Hi there guys! I only just joined so this is my first post! :D hurrah!

So today I feel like drawing some pokemon fan art but...I don't know what to draw! D:

You can see more of my art here
So I was thinking that if people wanted some free requests(Digitally drawn, not on paper) I'd be happy to do some! :D I'll definitely do the first 5-10 posted requests and I may even do more than that so if you want something drawn just post.
Please don't be greedy and ask for more than 2 things though ;w; 1 thing each would be awesome but I don't mind doing 2.
If you want anything specific about your drawing(With/without background, shaded/unshaded ect.) make sure you post that too

And sorry there community rules here? I couldn't seem to find any so I don't know if they exist D:

Thanks guys! :D

.:doodle time:.

((I accidentally deleted this post, so I repost~ (^-^))

I had some free time at work and had my sketchook handy~ I took a picture with my phone after I cleaned it up at home, so sorry for the poor quality ^^;

It doesn't look as well as what I normally draw since I'm mainly a digital artist, but I still like to doodle all traditional style :'D