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Introduction and custom icons [Jan. 2nd, 2015|02:57 am]
Poké Arts


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Hey, I'm deathstar and I love drawing which is obviously why I'm here! I haven't drawn too many pokemon things but I think they are super fun to draw! Here's an example but it's like super old:
ellieluxraychibi copy cropped

I'm looking forward to drawing more pokemon pictures though!

Oh I also made this icon:
If you want one, ask me! Here are my guidlines though:
-they will be fairly simple animations!
-I can draw OC characters and such but if their designs are too complicated I won't do them (like rainbow gradient color and stuff)
-They will be $3 flat colored (like above) or $6 shaded (simple cell shading)
-specifify clearly if you want something specific like animation, pose, bg, etc
-Pay by Paypal