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First Post! Custom phone cases ahoy!

Wow I didn't even know I had joined this community until now! Welp, no better time to make a first post, right? Right!

I discovered a little while ago that I can paint phone cases at work using custom-made automotive paint, so the next logical step for me was to Pokemon-ify some cases. I've had great success with the trial cases and since then have made a bunch more.

Here's a quick preview of one of my latest works, with the rest I've made under the cut!

I had this great idea for Goomy line themed cases that included a green oval object placed roughly where the green spot is on the Pokemon. I ended up finding the perfect cabochons for the job and eventually everything came together quite nicely.
Sadly Goodra's came out with too many defects and it had to be scrapped, hence why it's not here.

These two are my own personal cases! I only use Espeon's right now because I love it so much.
The Cab for Espeon's is cubic zirconium and the rhinestones for Flareon's are Swarovski, which makes them a bit too expensive to make for buyers.
Espeon's also glows green in the dark which reminds me of its shiny form and fits well considering it's a Psychic Type.

These were my first two test cases - Altaria by color and Delphox by type. In the end I decided to make any Pokemon cases themed based on the color of the Pokemon.

And of course the oblidgatory Eeveelutions I've made thus far. My next one will probably be Umbreon since I have the paint for it.

That's it for me! Hope you enjoyed things.:)

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