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Commission: Will draw for education...

Hi, I am looking to make some art to pay for my university tuition and residence.

Dragons are what I draw best, but not anthropomorphic variations. 8.5"x11" pieces usually take me anywhere from a day to a week (with hours spread) to complete. 11"x16" paintings typically range from a week to a month depending on difficulty. I use greyscale graphite pencils, colour pencil, outlining/inking ointment pen and depending on larger paper/canvas, gouche/acrylic paint. The messaging function of this website will be my method of constant feedback for the process of the making. I ship from Canada Ontario. I takes 1-3 days for me to make a shipment after the piece is completed.

Requesting Rules are:
-Payment by paypal only
-currency used can be either USD or JPY
-payment is due within 3 days
-I am not liable for any lost or damaged mail should you choose not to insure it.
-I have the right to reject any request which I feel (a) unable to reflect my usual quality and expectations for a piece (b) uncomfortable and potential damaging to my personal interests

Commission cost is determined by difficulty of piece. Prices as listed in USD
For 8.5"x11": Colorless outlines starting price is $5
Partially sketched starting price is $5
Fully sketched starting price is $8
Partially coloured starting price is $8
Fully coloured starting price is $12
For 11"x16" Canvas paintings: partially painted starting price is $15
Fully painted starting price is $25

Fees breakdown:
commission fee
material consumption fee ($5 flat)
paypal fee
shipping fee

Here are some of the examples of what I have made over the span of several years. Not all are pokemon-related.

Thanks for looking.

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