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Hello community! I´m a new member and I would like to introduce myself to you~
My name is Brittany, I´m 24 years old and I live in the US currently! I´m a member of pkmn_collectors and I was directed here to post art for my love of Pokémon and saw this community and have joined it!
When I was a 8 years old, I loved Pokémon! I watched the TV show, read the manga, and played the cards...then began to collect anything and everything of Pokémon....especially Mewtwo ♥

I make Pokémon art, sometimes charms and stickers too!
Don´t know what else I can say, but I hope I fit in well here~

(^-^)/ Thank you for your time~♪
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valentine's custom special!


Valentine's day is almost here! And you know what that means? Chocolate, roses, and special charms! What kind of charms? I will be drawing chibi headshots similar to the one in the banner of any human Pokemon character, gijinka, or custom Pokemon trainer with a personalized speech bubble inside! It can have a little Pokemon head, a heart, a message to a special someone... Order by January 31 for guaranteed Valentine's Delivery within the US! Unfortunately, international shipping is kind of unpredictable..

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1. colourdelusion (regular commission - starting lineart)
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Simple art trade anyone?

I really feel like doodling so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a simple art trade with me? It would basically look something like this, though perhaps a little bigger, so it's not too impressive. Just doodles.

The first is of my OC trainer, Akemi, and Major the Bulbasaur. The second is of my friend's Nuzlocke character, Midori, and Bambino the Feraligatr.

I absolutely love drawing trainer OCs and their partners but I'm open to fanart, gijinkas, and teams. However, since this is only for a simple art trade, I don't wanna draw more than two-to-three characters in one image.

Even after all this, let me know If you're interested! Include any information you deem necessary about your character/s so I can get a better feel of them. ;)

Thanks for your time guys!

First ACEO card commissions!

Hi all pokeart fans! I´m beginning to make commissions for pokemon aceo cards! :3

Each card is an handmade original!! On the backside it is signed by me, dated and numbered!

Each card costs only 8$ (incl. shipping to anywhere+any fees)!
*Take 3 cards for only 15$!*

- I only accept paypal!
- I ship from germany internationally!
- each card takes 1-2 days

You can see my pkmncollectors feedback here:

2013-06-12 03.36.262013-06-15 13.01.46

Tiny Poke Commissions

Hey guys, I was wondering if you might be interested in my digital pokemon commissions? I was hoping to save up to buy pokemon plush c:

I can do pokesonas, pokemons, your pokemon team or your poke ocs :D
A single pokemon would be $10 with a simple bg. Complex pokemon are $12 and up.

I can also draw pokemon trainers, but that would be about $15 for a halfbody picture.

If interested, just leave a comment below or my commission info for a quote! c:
Thanks so much, I'll definitely do my best! ;u;

Hi there c:

Hi, Im Starfire and im new to the community.
I heard about this fun comm from pkmncollectors and thought it might be a nice way to show my pokemon art c:

I mainly do digital art, with some traditional art here and there.

You can drag and drop these to the site bar if you want to enlarge the pictures xD
I have more art and can draw more than pokemon too ;P
I hope i did this right ;u; Thanks so much :'D

introduction and maaaany pics!!

Hello community, I´m a new member and I want to introduce myself! :)
My name is Yasmin, I´m 24 years old (uhh) and I live in germany (sry if my english is bad xD) I´m a member of pkmn_collectors and now I´ve seen this community and have joined it!
As I was a 9-years old child I began to love pokemon! I´ve watched the TV show at first, than began to collect anything of them and also of course I have paint and draw them - because painting and drawing was always my hobby!!
Now I make pokemonart in form of figures,charms,magnets aso. Sometimes I be up for making anything to a pokemon-thing by paint pokemon on pillows, photo albums or whatever. I think of making pokemon cards anytime soon (ACEO cards or something like this)! I LOVE pokemon card artworks, especially nature subjects and I love the artworks of Keiko Fukuyama!
Don´t know what else I can tell... :) So it´s time for pics!!!

[click here for my newest arts]
2013-04-02 23.07.28
pikachu pair heart-pillow!

2013-05-02 15.55.11
pokemon magnets made with fimo and painted with acrylic paint!

2013-05-03 20.08.48
pokemon dice made with glow in the dark-fimo and painted with acrylic paint!
2013-05-05 20.11.27
2013-05-05 20.11.38
2013-05-05 20.11.49
2013-05-05 20.12.52
An old calenderbook. I´ve made a hoppipbook of it!
2013-05-05 20.13.47
Shiny eevee on a velvet bag!
2013-05-05 20.30.31
Mew on a cosmetic bag

...Finally here are some cute and funny arts I´ve made as I was a child! Hope you enjoy it! :D

[click for my childhood arts!]

Pokemon snap fanart!
2013-05-05 22.49.11

2013-05-05 22.49.34

Very colorful pokemon :D
2013-05-05 23.19.46
pokemon cards I´ve made with glitter!
2013-05-05 23.32.13

Pics from pokemon stories I´ve written as I was 10 :D
2013-05-05 23.41.57
2013-05-05 23.43.29
2013-05-05 23.53.38

Other pics I´ve drawed when I was younger:
2013-05-05 23.01.05
2013-05-05 23.02.42
No idea why, but I really love this jolteon!
2013-05-05 23.23.55
Cute? :D
2013-05-05 23.26.10
2013-05-05 23.26.40
Yes, here I have invent new pokemon! In front of the picture are the new starter, a firefly, a beaver...and a plant-pokemon which is very fancyless haha! Below they are again...
2013-05-05 23.23.05
2013-05-05 23.30.22
2013-05-05 23.30.27

Thank you all for reading!! :)
If anything is against the rules or I have make a mistake - please tell me so I will change anything!