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Poké Arts!

The Pokémon Art Community

Poké Arts
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Welcome to the Pokemon Art Community!

Every so often (at least once a month so far!) Pokemon fans get together and exchange doodles! Simple and fun, everyone wins.

But that's not all this community is for! Pokemon art is a rare treat, kind of like. . .oh I don't know. Super fancy ice cream called "A la riche glace" or something. So post your Pokemon doodles and drawings here! We love to see new art :Db

Much love to moguryuu! GO POKEMODS
For detailed explanations of rules, please see this post.

1. You may post any type of Pokemon related visual art here. This includes, but is not limited to, drawings, sculptures, clothing, and jewelry. Just remember, you must be the orginal creator of the piece. Written works are also allowed.

2. For the Art Exchanges, we are only allowing visual art, not written works. If interests rises, we may include fic exchanges as well.

3. The Art Exchange works on a 3 strike system--you will be given a strike for each month your exchange is late without a valid excuse. Until it is complete, you will be unable to participate in future exchanges.

4. Exchanges aside, please feel free to post WHENEVER. We love seeing new people and new Pokemon art. Just be sure to label and lj-cut anything above pg-13.

5. Commission advertisements are allowed! However, PLEASE read the detailed explanation above, as well as THIS POST. If you are too lazy to click that, the short version is to use common sense. Please do not post an advertisement if there is already one at the top of the page. Wait for some non-commission related stuff to be posted. Also, don't let your commission post be your first and only post in this community :|d

6. Please 'Tag' your posts for organizational purposes and easier browsing for all :(b Updated info on tags and searching for specific users can be found here and here.

Finally, be polite and courteous! Just use basic common sense. The goal of this community is for everyone to have fun and draw/create lots of Pokemon art \o/


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